July 21, 2016

Peoples Gas has a vested interest in helping grow the communities we serve

helping grow communities

Peoples GasAs Florida’s largest natural gas distributor, we are a key partner in economic development. Our domestically-produced natural gas is abundant, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It is a resource that can provide your business with a competitive edge.

Competitive pricing

At Peoples Gas, the most important way we support your business is by keeping our energy affordable and by providing reliable service. Peoples Gas’ rates are the lowest in Florida among investor-owned utilities. We make it our business to provide low-cost energy so your business can grow and thrive. We also consistently perform at the top of our industry for customer satisfaction, and customer service is one of our core values.

Rate Comparison

EcoDev.pgs-rate-comparison-resIn addition to being competitively priced, natural gas is an abundant domestic resource. Continued technology advancements and increased interstate and pipeline capacity are spurring economic development. Natural gas is the best choice for commercial and industrial applications that require efficient heating applications – water heaters and boilers, restaurant kitchen equipment, pool/spa heaters, space heating and more – all while saving customers on certain energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Peoples Gas offers constructive programs to deliver more value to your business.

Developers and builders

  • We work with developers and builders to install gas lines prior to home construction.
  • Homes with natural gas sell faster and command a six percent premium.
  • Natural gas appliances contribute to energy efficiency, allowing you to take advantage of energy conservation rebates.
  • Buyers relocating from the north tend to prefer natural gas homes.
Commercial business

With the continuing trend of low prices in natural gas, more commercial and industrial companies are adding natural gas to their fuel options. We provide technical support and expertise to new and expanding customers – creating safe, effective and cost efficient natural gas solutions. We offer:

  • Energy management services
  • Energy solution consulting services
  • Bill auditing
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)


Peoples Gas is a leader in the development and deployment of natural gas vehicles.

  • Fueling commercial or industrial fleet vehicles with CNG is a strategic decision, driven by significant fuel cost savings.
  • Local distributors, refuse companies, transit authorities and school districts are converting to CNG across Florida.
  • Fueling infrastructure is being constructed across the state, making CNG a realistic option for longer-haul transportation.
  • Florida offers unique advantages through the CNG commercial vehicle incentives program.