Power for your business, fuel for your future: Introducing TECO’s EconomicDev.com

Our power + your business = greater potential for everyone's growth and success.

Our power + your business = greater potential for everyone’s growth and success. EconomicDev.com is a tool that can help.

Florida’s recent jump to No. 3 in population in the U.S. is good for businesses in the Tampa Bay area and all across the Sunshine State: more potential customers, more potential jobs, new avenues for growth and new paths to success. And helping businesses succeed in the communities we serve – some of the state’s largest – is a top priority at Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas.

With EconomicDev.com, the business community has a one-stop source for news and information that can help customers of all sizes rise to the next level.

“Serving Florida all the way back to 1895, it’s safe to say TECO has brought safe, reliable and affordable power and fuel to just about every milestone in the state’s growth as a major economic player,” said Gordon Gillette, president and CEO of Tampa Electric and president of Florida Operations. “It’s a core belief at TECO that when we can help businesses succeed, it benefits all of our customers and the entire state as well – and it lays the groundwork for more success in the future. EconomicDev.com is one more way we’re supporting your business success.”

On EconomicDev.com, you’ll find an overview of how Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas work with commercial customers in communities across Florida – including ways we help them save energy, seize opportunities for savings through rate credits, incentives and more. With our Site Selection tool, we’ve partnered with the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation and other economic development entities to make it easy to find the right place for businesses to start or expand.

We also maintain partnerships with economic development organizations in communities we serve across the state. In addition, our blog features news you need to know about important things that are happening across Florida, like 23 miles of new natural gas pipeline that will foster growth in Clay County.

One of the biggest and best new things about TECO is that as part of Emera Inc., we – and the communities we serve, including all of our valued commercial customers – now benefit from the scale that being part of a top 20 North American utility provider brings.

With all of this and much more in mind, the future of your business means as much to us as it does to your communities, customers, employees and shareholders. We’re here to help you thrive and grow as we thrive and grow together: it’s a partnership in the very best sense. And as we constantly look for new and better ways to help you succeed, we’re proud to offer EconomicDev.com as one more resource for you. Let us know how we can be good for your business!