It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it: Why M.E.D. Week matters

A strong community needs safe, reliable electricity and natural gas. But when a commitment to diversity undergirds those things, everyone is stronger still. That, essentially, is where the goals of the Minority Enterprise Development (M.E.D.) Corporation coincide with those of TECO – and it covers a lot of ground. Showcasing this and much more was M.E.D.[…]

Energy Solutions Center

Peoples Gas awards innovative energy projects

TECO Peoples Gas recently hosted the Energy Solutions Center (ESC) March 2016 Technology and Market Assessment Forum in Tampa. More than 300 attendees came from across North America to network, share natural gas utility-related information and case studies, and hear from national account clients, equipment manufacturers, and other organizations in the energy industry. At a special luncheon during[…]