Gas Control has a new home and exciting new tools to ensure safe and reliable natural gas service for you

Fast-growing Florida currently welcomes as many as 1,000 new residents daily, some of whom are enjoying the convenience and comfort of environmentally-friendly and economical natural gas appliances from Peoples Gas inside their new homes. To safely and reliably serve all Peoples Gas customers, the company’s Gas Control facility has a new home too – one[…]

For TECO Energy’s John Ramil, past meets future – and opportunity meets action to benefit customers – as he explains at the recent EEI Strategic Roundtable in Tampa

With TECO Energy’s big Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Edison Award victory from last year still fresh in mind, TECO Energy President and CEO John Ramil presented at the EEI Strategic Issues Roundtable in Tampa on Feb. 24, 2016, to talk about how economic growth – and TECO’s place in it – continues to be a[…]